Church of the Ascension

The church is also known as Strukivska church. This is the most perfect wooden temple in the Hutsul region. The name “Strukivska” comes from the name of the village founder Ivan Struk, who once built a chapel on the site of the today’s church, and people believe that the hill with the church is sacred.

A decorative composition of three crosses and the date of construction – 1824 – are carved on the door jamb of the church.

Text box: The church was built without a single nail – the most perfect wooden church in the Hutsul region.

Built without a single nail, with exquisite proportions and decoration, the Church of the Ascension is a unique sample of traditional temple construction in the Hutsul region, and as a functioning church it is a centre of community consolidation, too. The magnificent iconostasis of the late 18th century with carving and painting, icons of the 17th century, as well as chruch banners of the 19th century have been preserved in the church interior.


Yasinya village, Kryvorivna street