Mount Hoverla

You are on the peak. The horizon reveals the heights of the mountains. The air is cut through by the birds’ wings right next to you.

This is the highest peak of Ukraine with an altitude of 2,061 m. The mountain rises on the highest mountain range of the Ukrainian Carpathians – the Chornohora range. The name “Hoverla” originates from the Hungarian “hóvár”, meaning “snowy mountain”.

Indeed, the mountain’s peak is almost always covered with snow – the snow melts in July, though not every year.


The highest peak of Ukraine is almost always covered with snow

The slopes of Mount Hoverla and the adjacent areas are composed of Carpathian flysch, formed as a result of the deposition of sand and clay layers on the seabed. About 120 million years ago, these lands were covered by the Pannonian (Sarmatian) Sea.

In addition, traces of ancient glaciations can be observed on the slopes; in particular, glacial landforms, i.e. cirque and moraine, are well-represented on the northern side.

The first tourist route was laid here as early as in 1880. Now, a slab stands on top of Hoverla, containing capsules with earth from all regions of Ukraine.