Mount Petros

It is one of the highest peaks of the Chornohora massif. The peak’s name derives from the Romanian word “petros” meaning “stone”. The views from Petros are amazing. The main range of Chornohora looks especially beautiful, which can be seen along its entire length – from Mount Hoverla to Mount Pip Ivan. Mount Blyznytsia can be seen more clearly from Petros than from Hoverla, and behind it, a few montane meadows of the Svydivets range, too.

Text box: You can see the entire length of the main range of Chornohora from the peak

The altitude of the mountain is 2,020 m. It is located between Mounts Sheshul and Hoverla. 

One slope is steep, with numerous huge stone runs, and the other is clifflike, with rocky ledges. 

These are ancient glacial landforms.

The mount is covered mainly with subalpine vegetation. Shrubs (the Siberian juniper (Juniperus sibirica Burgsd.), Rhododendron), blueberry thickets and spruce forests (up to a height of 1,530 – 1,600 m) grow here. Avalanches often occur here in winter.