Geographical Centre of Europe

The geographical centre of Europe is situated in the village of Dilove, Rakhiv district.

According to, there are several theories as to the location of the Europe’s centre. In 1885-1887, geographers from the Imperial and Royal Military Geographical Institute in Vienna determined that the geographical centre of Europe was in the village of Dilove, Zakarpattia region. They conducted geodetic surveys on the modern Zakarpattia region territory.

These studies were required for the planned construction of the railway between Rakhiv and Sygov. After a thorough study of the area, geologists installed a two-metre stone sign in the village of Dilove near the road connecting Mukachevo and Rohatyn with the following inscription: “Locus Perennis Delicentissime cum libella librationes quae est in Austria et Hungaria confectacum mensura gradum meridionalum et paralleloumierum Europeum. MD CCC LXXXVII”.

In Latin it means:

«This is a permanent, exact eternal place, determined by a special device manufactured in Austria-Hungary, in the European system of latitudes and longitudes. 1887».

Later, in 1977, a stele was erected near this sign with an inscription stating that this was exactly the place where the geographical centre of Europe was situated.

Now, there is a small button at the foot of the stone sign symbolysing the exact centre of Europe. Tourists like to touch the centre of Europe and make a wish. Locals say that if you touch the memorial, you will definitely travel to Europe. Even if you don't plan to.

The village itself is very picturesque. The Tysa River flows past it, with the Carpathian Mountains stretching above it. This place is perfect for tourists who want to be face to face with nature and admire its beauty. To the east of the village the Yalynskyi waterfall is situated.

And at the foot of the Dilove village, hiking and automobile tourist routes to Mount Pip Ivan begins. However, before setting off for the mountain, you need to register at a border post, as there is the Romanian territory right behind the mountain.

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