To the Lykhyi Waterfall

Hiking route
  • Difficulty

  • Distance

    3,6 km
  • Duration

    3 h
  • Trybushany checkpoint


    47.970045910198536, 24.192997245660692

    The route begins at the Tribushany Checkpoint of the Environmental Research Unit of Carpathian Biosphere Reserve at an altitude of 466 m.

  • Trout Farm


    47.970045910198536, 24.192997245660692

    To the left of the road, the Carpathian Trout Tourist Information Centre is situated, where you can learn interesting information about trout farming and the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. Trout fish hatchery is located to the right of the tourist information centre. Here, experts will be happy to get the tourists acquainted with the breeding system and the variety of trout on the farm.

  • Ancient forest


    47.975131336965525, 24.170252113210587

    The route passes along a trail through the ancient beech and spruce forest. Beech and majestic spruces, reaching 1.5 – 2 m in diameter, grow here. The last section of the route goes through the territory of the preserved area, where you can see the Lykhyi waterfall.

  • Lykhyi Waterfall


    47.97846388732801, 24.16604640948557

    The final destination of the route is the picturesque Lykhyi waterfall. It is one of the largest single drop waterfalls in the Ukrainian Carpathians with a height of approximately 20 m. It got its name due to its vigorous character which often results in destruction of bridges built across the Lykhyi Stream (a tributary of the Tysa River). The best period for visiting it is spring and autumn, as the waterfall is more full-flowing then.

In the territory of the national park it is forbidden:

Deviation from the route.

Damage to natural objects.

Breeding hearths in places not designated for this purpose, smoking when passing through forests.

Felling and damage to trees plucking flowers, collecting medicinal plants.

Hunting for animals, destruction of their habitats.

Catching fish by any means.

Stay with firearms.

Territory littering, noise.

Report to the Ministry of Emergencies that you are going to the mountains

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